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About Shisuko Skincare

Est. California USA


The founder of Shisuko, Karen Shisuko, always believed that beauty begins in the heart and mind, hence her slogan "You are Beautiful!" Her mission is to educate, empower, and provide products for all ages and skin types, focusing on the importance of a healthy skin care regimen. Beautiful and healthy skin is the goal, uplifting  and promoting self-confidence is her dedication. 


She has selected ingredients that work to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes while tightening the skin and improving its texture. Younger skin, Shisuko helps to prevent signs of aging while improving texture.  Every natural ingredient in the Shisuko product line is carefully selected to support your skins health and reinforce Karen's goal for everyone,  youthful glowy skin.

A native of California from the age of 3 born to older parents, skincare was always a part of life as far back as she remembers. Karen's Mom made sure she started every morning with a clean face, moisturizer, and skin protection. Every night before bed, the same routine. This daily ritual inspired Karen's passion for the fresh, natural look. It also led her to pursue her skincare line, Shisuko. It is named after the middle name that her beautiful Japanese mother gave her at birth.


This product line is dedicated to remembering Karen's Mom, who will always be a part of her heart. Unfortunately, Karen's dad, an airman in the US Airforce, went missing and was never found in an airplane accident when  Karen and her younger brother were only babies. 

JPEG image-EC6CFCF8F36F-1.jpeg

Karen's mother and father. 

Her mother raised them alone, with dignity and love. Every day, Karen witnessed her strength, determination, and hard work to build a loving home. It wasn't easy, but she did it; and for that, Karen feels incredibly blessed to have such an amazing woman shape her life. 


To thank her Mom, and every amazing mother for all that you do, a portion of every sale from Shisuko is donated to an organization that assists single mothers. All women deserve to feel beautiful no matter their circumstances.

Before starting Shisuko, Karen always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After college, she started her career path in Real Estate sales and marketing, ranking top producer for consecutive years. Later in her journey, she established a Consulting Business specializing in marketing and business development. While consulting an Adult Day Program for Intellectual and Physically Disabled adults, she was offered a position as COO. Karen's passion for this industry inspired her to establish a Community Housing Agency. Karen is just getting started despite all these distinguishing achievements and her knack for reinventing herself, and more is yet to come. 


Remember: Beauty begins in the heart and mind because YOU are Beautiful! It is never too early or too late to start protecting and enhancing your skin.

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